Welcome to Website Setup for Cash Flow Institute Note Brokers

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a note broker training package from the Cash Flow Institute.  This menu / navigation bar above will help you get your website set up quickly, efficiently, and position you to begin earning the commission income the Cash Flow Industry is famous for.

To Get Started:

Accessing DataMax Note / Cash Flow Broker Marketing Support

The discount note / cash flow industry is expansive and offers dozens of financial products and services with which you can earn commission and fee income.  Because the vast majority of note brokers work from the comfort of their own home rather than operating from a commercial space, their website takes on a expanded and exceptionally supportive role.  Not only is it a powerful marketing tool, your website is also your "virtual office" where visitors can learn about what you purchase and broker.  Although it is very inexpensive to maintain ($15 per month), you still need to learn how to get the most from it.

A company websites is vital in almost any entrepreneurial undertaking but critical in notes and cash flow brokering.  Because of its importance and dual role, DataMax provides a robust marketing support area available for free to all of its Cash flow Institute clients.  And although is not designed as a stand alone training area, you will find it compliments your excellent training from the Cash Flow Institute quite nicely.  

To learn more about access to this free support area, select "Access Note Broker Training" from the navigation bar above.  You will find it listed under "Build Your CFI Website".

How to Always Be Able to Access This Help Area

The DMS Directory is solely designed to assist Cash Flow Institute Note / Cash Flow Brokers.  So you will always be able to access this important support area, we build a small direct link into every page of your website.  It is located in the lower right hand corner of each page and says "To report a problem with this page, please visit www.dmsdirectory.com".  You can click on that link and view this support area anytime you need to update or upgrade your Cash Flow / Note Broker website.

Post-Setup Check List (Important)

It typically takes just 24 hours after you submit your Hosting Agreement and your Build Form for your site to up and operational.  After your website is set up, you will be notified via email.  All note broker websites are very "form intensive" so it is obviously important to check for their proper operation.  Make certain you go through the Post-Setup Check List.  The link is located in the "Build Your CFI Website" menu above.